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3 Rules for the Perfect Pinterest Wedding

perfect pinterest wedding

You POP’d the question! Congratulations! Here comes the hard part.

Say yes to the dress! Choose a cake that looks and tastes amazing! Secure a magical venue! Lock down entertainment, décor, tablescapes, florals, seating arrangements… The Elvis wedding chapel in Vegas looks more and more like the way to go.

As a full-service professional wedding and event planning company, Hollywood Pop Gallery recommends hiring a skilled point person to coordinate all of these aspects, allowing you and your family to fully enjoy the magical day. However, with adequate time and great organization skills, there are plenty of resources available for designing the wedding of your dreams.

Let’s talk Pinterest.

1. Think Inspiration Specific

Keyword searches for “elegant,” “Boho,” and even “Circus” weddings target the perfect “pin” suggestions. Rustic details are beautiful, but not appropriate for an art deco design. With a plethora of beautiful ideas out there, remember to pin images that reflect your unique personality as a couple.

2. Use Secret Boards

Pinterest has a “make it secret” option and you should take advantage of it. Input is helpful but only when requested. Imagine 7 Gordon Ramsey’s in one tiny kitchen; that’s a lot of Type-A talent stirring one pot.

3. Curate

Marathon pinning sessions happen, so curate your boards to a maximum of 15 inspiring pins. A clutter free zone, even digitally, helps to reduce stress. Use subcategories for organization and ease of reference. Whimsical headings like, “Wisteria Hysteria,” “Let Them Eat Cake,” and “My Do” are fun, but simple “Cake,” “Flowers,” and “Hair” are just as efficient.
Thanks, Team POP! Now, where do I start?

You may wish to begin with an overall inspiration board or narrow down for the perfect accessories. Once Wed offers a variety of floral inspirations, providing visuals in discussing bouquets and centerpieces with your florist. Themes bring a cohesive flow to your wedding design. Choose a boho chic board for an elegant vintage vibe, or for the more eclectic couple, Green Wedding Shoes will walk you through sustainably chic ideas. For those on a backyard wedding budget, this country rustic boardis perfect for less formal affairs and Broke Ass Bride is the shoestring budget board guru.

Happy pinning to the happy couple, and we at HPG wish you a very Happily-Ever-After.

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