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Why A Planner Is Essential To Your Next Destination Event

HPG has provided both corporate and private clients with outstanding destination celebrations in and out of the United States. Here’s a first class look into the endless possibilities of what a planner can do for your destination event, with a special offer included!

Budgetdestination event couple

Start with an overall budget that includes travel, accommodations, activities, dining, and any extras. Going through an event planner will save you more time and money than you may think. HPG Planners work with destination event clients in detail to make the best use of their budget and recommend perfect places to visit with activities while abroad. We work with local resources to arrange the event, corporate incentive, or getaway of a lifetime! Time of year can have dramatic effects on maximizing the budget as special offers during the off-season are generally more abundant.

Site Selectiondestination event boat

There are so many wonderful places to go for a destination celebration! An experienced planner will be able to recommend locations and get you to your dream destination. After many years doing events abroad, Hollywood Pop Gallery  has formed relationships with hotels and local specialists throughout the world. We make sure your expectations are exceeded and all the accommodation details have been well planned and personally scouted.


destination event plane

destination event planeLuxurious private transportation is not as unobtainable as you think, and the benefits are definitely worth the cost. Flying privately can save you time in many ways- you are able to arrive to your aircraft shortly before it departs (no crazy TSA lines!) and fly a direct route. Our clients find it much more convenient, less stressful, and have an overall higher quality experience.

One of the leading providers of on-demand private jet charter that HPG continues to utilize is JetOptions. JetOptions elite services have continued to prove both reliable and luxurious. Their services range worldwide, flying out of many convenient locations (Westchester Airport for example!). With over 10 years in the charter industry, their flight specialists have the knowledge, experience and education to recommend and determine the appropriate private jet for every jet charter flight. Not to mention JetOptions continues to provide the lowest rates and a Trip Reconciliation Program that goes unparalleled. With this program, JetOptions offers a refund on any saved money on flight time, fuel costs, airport fees, or other factors, if they occur.

We are pleased to announce in partnership with JetOptions, 

first time JetOptions charter clients will receive complimentary private catering on your aircraft, 

as well as free consultation with a HPG planner on any destination booking.

Plus- as our additional special gift, a bottle of HPG’s favorite champagne for your travels!

Offer is available January-May 2016.

Call HPG New York (212.777.2238) or Greenwich (203.622.4057) & mention this blog to redeem. 

 Booking Entertainment Abroad

destination event seal

HPG has booked a wide variety of events overseas from weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate events, and even weekend getaways. Entertainment is always a key part, whether it be a DJ, name talent, specialty performers, etc. One of the essential reasons to have a planner for destination event entertainment is to handle contract management, talent relations, and live production. We make sure you’re getting top quality entertainment and craft a flawless experience.

Above is a picture of Seal preforming at a private concert for a destination birthday. HPG has brought our services to Japan, Mexico, Normandy, Colorado, London, and many more. For your event, invite your favorite celebrity chef, speaker, or performer to join your celebration abroad!

To learn more about destination event trends for 2016,

read LOOK magazines full Q & A with HPG here

 Or if you are thinking about a destination wedding,

check out HPG’s feature in Brides.com here

Call Hollywood Pop today for a destination event consultation

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Holiday Party Ideas

Looking for Holiday Party Ideas?

The winter holidays are a great time to celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones. A few key holiday party ideas can make the difference between an ordinary holiday party and a spectacular, memorable event. To get your creativity flowing, the holiday experts at Hollywood Pop Gallery have gathered their best ideas from both intimate family gatherings and large-scale corporate holiday events.

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Halloween Party Ideas & October Event Planning

Need a little inspiration this October?

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to throw a memorable party! So let’s get in the SPIRIT  and celebrate macabre style! We’ve compiled our favorite Halloween party ideas and Fall festivity tips to help you throw that one-of-a kind October celebration you’re hoping for.

Choose A Theme:

Choosing a theme is a great first start. Your guests won’t have to stress about coming up with a completely original costume, but are still given the opportunity to be creative. Have  your guests dress up as  a popular celebrity, characters from  famous movies or TV series, or in an old-school style  costume  (i.e. Zombies, Witches, Pirates, etc!) Not only will your guests stress less, but your party will really stand out!

Classic Horror Movie Theme

Frankenstein & Bride for a Horror Movie Classics themed party

Thinking Oktoberfest:

Looking to bring a little Germany to your backyard this Fall?  Your first “must-have”  is an iconic Oktoberfest beer stein. We found great ones that you can personalize here, that double as a party favor! Other essential items include: giant soft pretzels, a photo booth with fun props (think lederhosen, beer mugs, & an Oktoberfest sign), blue and yellow decorations (the unofficial colors of Oktoberfest), and beer tasting (read on to find out more).

Photo Source: preppingparties.com

Taste the Fall:

Every Fall, companies release specialty brews and ciders that are Autumn-inspired. Get your guests in the fall mood by displaying a variety at your party for them to try. It not only adds to the decor, but it’s fun for guests to take the “taste test” and figure out which they like best! Our favorites? Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider, Pumple Drumkin Spiced Ale, Sam Adams Octoberfest, and Shipyard Pumpkinhead!

Photo Source: bonappetit.com

Photo Source: bonappetit.com

Frugal Feasting:

Halloween is a time to be theatrical &  creative, but don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do too much! Select one (or two) interesting Halloween themed treats. Let those items do the dazzling, and keep the rest simple. Try things such as chocolate-covered strawberries with orange sprinkles, glass bowls filled with candy corn & popcorn, or use a mini pumpkin as a dip holder. You can also find items that work as great double features for parties. Something silly and theme appropriate like the “shot syringe”. This can be used as a fun alcoholic beverage as well as  thematic décor! If no one partakes, they still add to the room and theme. You can find them here.

Photo Source: pamperedchef.com

Photo Source: pamperedchef.com

Color Scheme:

Whether you’re looking for your party to be a bit more sophisticated than usual, or you’re  having a hard time picking out decorations, choosing a color scheme will help. Mix it up from the classic spider webs and jack-o-lanterns by sticking with two colors, such as black and white. The black and white theme is especially great because it can look like you’re hosting a party inside a classic  horror film! Follow this color scheme via your invitations, decorations, etc. It will be easier to shop and the end result will be fun and look wonderfully put together!

Photo Source: designindulgences.files.wordpress.com

Photo Source: designindulgences.files.wordpress.com


Crafty with Cocktails:

No matter the occasion, we love signature specialty cocktails. It helps make a party more memorable. Whether based on the presentation or taste (hopefully both!). Click here for our favorites this fall.

Halloween Party Ideas - Cocktails


A Hollywood Pop Halloween:

For more HALLOWEEN entertainment,  coordination, design, décor and/or event planning needs, contact Hollywood Pop Gallery.  Whether you’re  looking to transform your home into a haunted house or get a band of Zombie’s to perform, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get together to make this October a special one! 

203.622.4057 Greenwich, CT


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