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Best Event Industry Publications to Follow

Planning events has never been – and it will never be – easy. The wide range of details, as well as the myriad of connections you have to make and small issues to handle, they can all put a toll on you, creating stress and anxiety.

Yet, if you have to (or want to) plan a big event in the upcoming months, you first have to make sure you are well-learned in the art of pulling together splendid parties and celebrations. Luckily, there are a lot of event industry publications to follow – below you will find some of the very best ones. Read on and do your homework, it will be totally worth it!

  •      Special Events. A website that pulls together information for all kinds of events (and pretty much every element needed in planning one), Special Events is a true gold mine – both for the professional event planner and for the occasional one. You will find here news, ideas, and tips coming right from the most influential sources in the event planning industry – so you can rely on this online publication for real information and trustworthiness at all times.
  •      Meetings & Conventions. This online publication is geared towards the business event planning niche, but there are plenty of tips and pieces of information that can be used in other types of event planning as well. Excellent for B2B events, this website abounds in all types of advice and news articles that will infuse you with the event planner’s thinking and the trends that define this area of expertise.
  •      Midwest Meetings. Planning an event in the Midwest? This is an absolutely quintessential publication to follow, then. Not only do they publish information that is true and useful everywhere else, but they also publish articles geared specifically towards the area and the businesses who want to plan an event here. An excellent source!
  •      Wedding Ideas. Unlike the other publications presented here, Wedding Ideas is very specifically targeted at the wedding industry – and even more precisely, at brides who want to plan their wedding (alone, with little professional help, or with the help of a professional planner). There are plenty of ideas actual planners can use as well, so we definitely recommend this website for anyone in the wedding industry (or simply anyone planning their own wedding).

Of course, there are a lot of other publications (both online and offline, both paid and free). The important tip to remember here is that you should definitely check a publication’s sources and the type of information they share (not all publications are created alike, and they are not all trustworthy). Keep an eye open and stay up to date with the latest news in your industry!

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