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Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid

We make mistakes. Everyone does. While some mistakes are unavoidable, it’s important to learn from them so that you can avoid making them in the future. Check out some common mistakes below and how you can avoid them!

  1. Not asking for help (enough) – no matter what stage of life or business you’re in, asking for help can change everything, but it’s important to create a relationship with the person you need help from before you ask for help. Ask for help, but build a relationship first.
  2. Not paying attention to your financial situation – It’s easy to have a financial advisor take over your finances or never open your bank statements, but sticking your head in the sand only leads to more insecurity and worry. Make sure to keep track of EVERYTHING you spend money on. Use spreadsheets, software systems…whatever works for YOU, do that.  And you shouldn’t just be keeping track of the money spent on planning an event, but also everything that is spent on running your business as a whole! Take accountability for your finances – no matter what.
  3. Not celebrating your accomplishments – it’s easy to let things pass because they’re “no big deal.” However, if you don’t celebrate even your smallest accomplishments then it’s hard to keep going when things get tough. Celebrate your successes. Always.
  4. Avoiding setting up systems – this takes time but start setting up systems as early as possible. Start by identifying what you love doing and are good at vs. those tasks you avoid because you don’t want to do them. Once you’ve got your list, find someone (whether you find an intern or hire an employee) who loves doing the tasks you don’t enjoy. Allow them to focus on the things you dislike so you can focus on the parts of planning events and running your event planning business that you love. Do what you love and delegate the rest.
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How to Attract Millennials to Your Next Event

Attracting different types of attendees can play a large role in the continued success of your events. We all have target markets that we cater towards for our events and as the years pass by, the Millennial generation will begin to impact this market even more.

 Our events and our attendance rates, fundraising and marketing campaigns will all be influenced by the up and coming generations. So how can you begin attracting the Millennial generation to your events and engaging them while they are in attendance?

Become Mobile Friendly

Taking a look at your events and your website is a great place to start attracting Millennials. Ensuring that your site is optimized for mobile use is an important step towards increasing your engagement online. Many people are researching, registering and discussing events through a mobile device. This will only continue to increase over time, so get ahead of the game and review your online presence.

Add Peer-to-Peer Elements

Millennials enjoy interacting in a group. They are much more likely to attend an event if they can do so with friends. Events such as endurance races, concerts, and festivals are all more enjoyable for Millennials when their friends are in attendance.

Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, almost everyone is interacting with some form of social media for their special events. Start out by having a strong social presence and keep it updated on a regular basis. This is a great way to build your brand online. Finding new and exciting ways to integrate social media into your event promotion is a fabulous tool for engaging Millennials.

Social Media Onsite

Continue with your social media presence by promoting social sharing onsite at the event. By promoting an event-specific hashtag and your company or event Twitter handle, your attendees will be able to post messages and interact with your online brand.

Following the event, post thank you messages, results or future promotions on your social media outlets. These are just a few ideas to begin using social media to interact with this generation. Think outside of the box and get creative!

Hire a Millennial

Adding someone to your staff who is from this generation is an excellent way to increase your knowledge and perspective on this age group. Having an inside source provides you with a chance to ask their opinion on certain event elements and perhaps gain some new ideas from a younger co-worker.

In Conclusion

The Millennial generation will continue to increase their impact in many different industries, especially the event sector. This generation is dedicated to community and connection and will make for valuable attendees, employees, and volunteers. Learning more about this group will help us all to be better marketers and event managers.


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Theming Your Mitzvah


For Jewish families, there are few memories as exciting and special as a son or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah. With your child focused on studying for the service itself, they could probably use some help thinking of a theme. In addition, having a theme as soon as possible will make it easier to choose a Bar Mitzvah event space that works best with the theme.
The following are three of the most popular theme types to choose from. While they are somewhat general, you can personalize them by choosing your child’s favorite in each respective category.

Sports theme

If your child has shown an early interest in sports, then a sport-related theme might be a perfect fit for them. A sports theme can either be a general theme about a sport like football, basketball, baseball, etc., or the theme can be based around a favorite team or even favorite player. If you plan it early enough, you could even get a short video message from your child’s favorite athlete that can be played during the reception!

Superhero theme

Superhero movies have become incredibly popular over the past decade, and chances are there’s at least one superhero that your child loves more than any others. If done the right way, a superhero theme will help ensure that the Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the hero of the evening.

Traveling or foreign destination theme

Has the Bar or Bat Mitzvah been lucky enough to go on a trip abroad as part of a school or family trip? If so, it’s worth asking them whether they’d want their Mitzvah to include memories of that trip. Foreign destination themes are popular because they can be flexible and personalized — there are so many different aspects of a foreign country to choose from that two themes based on the same country could be completely different.

Hollywood or Broadway theme

Does your Bar or Bat Mitzvah dream of being a star? With a Hollywood or Broadway-themed party, they can experience exactly that — at least for one night. Hollywood themes can either be generalized for the glitz and glamor of Hollywood itself, or can be focused on a specific actor, movie, or franchise. Broadway-themed parties can focus on whatever aspect of Broadway your child enjoys most — from the production to the actors and lifestyle, or even the technical sound and lighting elements.
The key to having a great Bar or Bat Mitzvah party is making sure that the theme represents your child in some way. If you include your child in the process, you will give them one more way to feel like that are truly becoming a responsible young adult.