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Why to Hire a Professional Event Planner

Planning an event yourself may not seem all that difficult when do-it-yourself is viewed as cost-efficient, however, a large-scale event is made up of so many factors that hiring a professional is usually the better bet. The reality is that event planning can be challenging if unprepared. Just a few of the aspects of an event which an event planner is tasked with include venue selection, budgeting, vendor coordination, transportation, accommodation, creative design, marketing and that’s not all. Even though there are extremely organized people with an eye for detail there are a number of other reasons you should consider when to hire a professional event planner.

Organizing an event takes a great deal of time and effort. Not to mention all the stress and headaches that come with it as well. You’ll be starting with a blank canvas and while that sounds great – a blank canvas does not always work in your favor. If you lack experience it’s easy for little things to be missed or stress over all the intricate details. Planners spend a lot of time building relationships with venues and vendors. The network provided by established planners could get you access to something public could not.

While being less stress and having time are huge perks of hiring an event planner, another huge factor is cost. Planners work great with budgets of all kinds. They know which expenses are necessary and which ones are not. Furthermore, their connections as mention before in the industry often mean they can get you discounts and special pricing.

Professional event planners create much more than just an event for you. They put in the time and effort to give you a great experience, doing all the heavy lifting work so you don’t have to. You can simply show up and enjoy the event, as you should!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Party Planning

party planning

There is a lot that can go into party planning. Depending on the event there are often many DOS and many DON’TS. Here are a few tips for planning your festivities!

Do plan and follow your budget. Of course, we would all love to have no budget and plan for whatever our hearts desire, but the reality is money always has a limit.

Don’t be afraid to think BIG. Big doesn’t always mean expensive. Sometimes you need to think outside of the box to get that big party of your dreams.

Do plan ahead. You need to give yourself time to make all the necessary arrangements. If you wait too long to make reservations, order essentials and plan for food; your party will be a flop.

Don’t cut corners. Cutting corners on things that matter can really show at your party. Quality can be more important than quantity.

Do explain details to your assistants and vendors. The general outline of your event and particular details need to be shared, but the people you are working with are also experts, let them do their job.

Don’t micromanage. If you spend all of your time micromanaging what everyone else is doing, who will spend time looking at the bigger picture?

Do know your crowd. It is important to know who is attending your party and what they will enjoy.

Don’t get too high in society that your guests won’t have fun. You need to know your demographics and their comfort level. You don’t want to go too high class or too low class or your guests won’t be impressed or enjoy themselves.

Do have a variety of food. It is important to consider allergies and special medical and personal diets when planning food. Of course, there will be someone that will be allergic to everything, but you can do your best to accommodate needs and have a variety available.

Don’t have messy finger foods. You want the food to be easily eaten without a mess. You want to consider the attire and seating when it comes to food. If there will be more standing than sitting, having steak might not be a feasible option.


POP INSIDE(er) – A Sweet Perk For Our VIP’s

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In homage to the Rothschild family’s 
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this exclusive Halloween gala has resurfaced 
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clad in extraordinary costume, 
are selected to travel to a secret 
lakefront estate 
and are in for a night they’ll never forget 
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Our POP Insider will be on location 
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contact Hollywood POP 
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to next year’s gathering 
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October may be the month of candy,
but you can still have this 

 sweet celebration year round!
One of our favorite party features 

is a jet set candy station 
featuring confectionary creations 

from all over the world!


Wedding favors are full of flavor this year! 
The trendiest way to say thank you 
to family and guests is to 
send them home with a sweet goodbye 
and specialty candy bento boxes. 
Treat them with a selection of 
our favorite Champagne Gummy Bears 
and Limoncello Cordials.
POP! Off the Press
The New York Times agrees! 
Wedding Toasts should never be Wedding Roasts.  
Our very own Brett Galley offers clever insight in producing 
a unique and memorable toast 
sure to delight guests and especially 
the bride and groom.
The Lambs Club


Located in The Chatwal Hotel, 76 luxury rooms 
and the Red Door Spa are available to complete the occasion. Social events can be held for groups of 10 to 150 guests.
The National
Greenwich, CT – NYC, NY
Book your upcoming holiday party
in the private Grill Room
at The National by November 15th
and receive custom sweet treats
for your guests to take home.
The Lambs Club
New York, NY

This November,
have the Broadway Brunch Experience
as the Stars of “Chicago The Musical”
perform jazz standards and show tunes
while you sample classic brunch dishes
with a Lambs Club twist
like Stuffed French Toast
and Lobster Fra Diavolo Bloody Marys. 
Be sure to mention ” Hollywood Pop Perks”
when you make your reservation!
to receive a complimentary specialty cocktail.

New York City

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New York, NY 10003


Greenwich, CT
24 Field Point Road

Greenwich, CT 06830

London England