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Event Signage Ideas

Planning a big event soon? We bet you want every single detail to look absolutely flawless – and we definitely understand the importance of this. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary, a corporate event, or a wedding, this is a big moment in your life and you want to celebrate it in high style.

Of course, you will want to include one of those fun event signs and messages too – but how do you do it? We have gathered some of the most popular ideas for you – so read on and inspire yourself.

  • Neon lights. Perfect for those of you who want their message to really pop! It may be a simple “Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad”, or it may be the date of your wedding. If you want your signage to be more than energizing, neon lights are absolutely perfect. And yes, they can be worked into a more elegant décor too – but you do have to use your creativity for something really nice.
  • Video mapping. This is one of the freshest newcomers in the event signage and lighting tech spectrum – but it is by far one of the most impressive ones too. A beautiful video containing colors, stars, words, and basically everything you want can be projected on a white object – such as the cake, the wedding dress, or any other part of the venue. This idea will make your event look absolutely mesmerizing.
  • Twinkle lights. Those adorable little lights everyone’s including in their outdoor weddings and events? Yep, they can be used as signage too. You don’t have to be very thorough with the message – a simple “LOVE” or the name of your company can be written “in the air” or on a wall with the help of twinkle lights. They will look so pretty, so beautiful, and they will create such a cozy atmosphere!
  • The already classic blackboard is another great way of adding a powerful messages to your event. If you want to make it pop, you can decorate the blackboard with lights too – or, why not, you can use classic backstage mirrors as your “canvas” too. Either way, these ideas are perfect for those who love a casual, old-school, but smart-and-sassy event.

The sky is the only limit you have when it comes to event signage – so don’t be afraid to step out of the box and think of ideas that are totally unique. We bet it will look impressive for your wedding!

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Tips for Successful Company Parties: Holiday Parties and Events

Truth be told, planning an event is never easy – not even when there’s a very small number of guests. When you add all the stress of planning a party to the pressure of doing this for your company, you can definitely understand why many employees would simply run screaming at the thought of having to deal with everything.

Don’t worry, though. There are a few things you have to keep in mind to ensure the success of your party – and we have gathered them right here. Read on to find out more.

  • Plan the party the guests want. Of course, everything should be done in the limits of decency (it is, after all, a company party and regardless of whether it’s thrown for the employees or for the partners and clients, you should still follow common sense every step of the planning process).
  • Make sure you know the purpose of the party so that you can align it with the planning process. Is this a party thrown to attract or retain important clients? It will most likely have to be at least a semi-formal affair. Is this a Christmas party for the team? You can go casual on this. In any case, always make the boss look good (and show guests this party is happening because senior management wanted to reward everyone with a really good time).
  • Establish a budget. Even if your boss tells you that you can spend as much as you want, a budget is still necessary. And yes, you can totally throw a lower-budget party everyone will remember – it’s all about the details, in the end.
  • Choose a theme. Not only will this make the party more interesting, but it will actually help you coordinate all the details in an easier, smoother way. There are tons of themes you can choose from including color-coded parties, movie-themed parties, and so on. Use your creativity and it will pay off!
  • Aside from food, drinks, décor, and entertainment, make sure you provide guests with transportation (especially at the end of the party). The last thing you want is a guest getting behind the wheel after all those drinks! Show people you value their safety more than anything – it will be really nicely-perceived.

Keep your optimism – this will not be an easy task, but we’re certain you can bring along at least a couple of other team members willing to help out. Ask for help when you need it, stay focused on your plan, and smile – a party is a joyous occasion and it’s a truly wonderful thing to help people enjoy themselves and celebrate!

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Video Trends in Events

Planning a wedding, a big anniversary, or a corporate event soon? We know just how much work goes into pulling together all the details of such a big event – and we also know how important it is for you that guests feel absolutely amazing during the celebration.

Videos can add a lot to your event, but keep in mind that it is very important to incorporate them the right way. What are some of the latest trends to inspire you when planning the videos for your wedding or corporate event? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Video mapping. By far one of the biggest trends of the last couple of years, video mapping has made it huge in pretty much every type of event out there. From an “underground” trend to an idea used in large concerts all over the world, video mapping has grown to be very, very popular. The reason it’s so widespread? Well, it is magical: just imagine projecting your love story on your wedding dress as you move along the steps of your First Dance and you will understand why video mapping is so highly acclaimed!
  • Replacing the PowerPoint presentation. Slideshows are almost obsolete these days – so if you want to share some old pictures or important information, it is better to create a video out of this, instead of the old-school PowerPoint presentation. Yes, it might take more effort (financially and otherwise) – but it will be more than worth it!
  • Creating an experience. Videos these days are not even by far just about the video itself. They are part of an experience. The dimmed colored lights or fairy lights, the music playing in the background at the right sound volume, the quality of the video itself – everything matters. Provide your guests with more than just a film – provide them with a memory, with a feeling, with truly sensitive entertainment!
  • Live feeds. Share your first dance live on Facebook, in the highest quality! Share that amazing speaker with your business platform! Share the entire event with someone who couldn’t make it there! The options are literally limitless. With the Internet at your fingertips, you can actually move across borders and spaces to send across your message. Isn’t technology downright amazing?

Of course, you don’t have to adopt all of these video trends in event planning – but you can definitely “steal” these ideas and make them more personal, adjust them to your particular event and its main purpose. Have fun while doing this – it will definitely transpire in the final product!