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How to Promote Your Event Through Social Media (Vol 3)

We are back for more tips and tricks to promote your event on social media. Keep reading as we dive back in for ways you can generate excitement and engagement through social media.

#11 Create A Facebook Event Page

While this may seem small scale and arbitrary, most people log into Facebook at least once a day and are more likely to find out about your event if you create a Facebook event page.

By creating a Facebook event page, you are giving our guests a one-stop-shop for all the information they need for your event that is convenient and easy to find. You can add the time and date, links to websites and social media, and even buttons for ticket purchasing made easy.

Facebook will also help with your event success with their targeted news feed ads and event insights to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. And as the big day approaches, you have the tools to send out reminders which encourage people to RSVP and promote ticket sales.

#12 Create A Warm Welcome

Instagram has provided its users with new tools to make connecting easy! When you receive a new follower, send them a direct message with a brief 15-second video extending your thanks and inviting them to your upcoming event.

To add an even more personal touch and boost the relatability of your brand, have the person who made the videos greet attendees at the event. After all, there’s nothing better than a familiar face!

#13 Build Excitement With Your Podcast

Whether you host your own, or you land a guest spot on another podcast seize the opportunity to share about your upcoming event. Weave the value proposition into the conversation while mentioning who the speakers are and how your guests will benefit from attending.

Highlight takeaways that will pique the interests of your guests and get them exciting about what’s coming!

#14 Create Shareable Graphics For Your Speakers

When asking others to promote events, it is important that you make it as user-friendly as possible! Make it fun and simple for your guest speakers to promote their presentation by curating ready-made graphics for them to use!

Use flattering photos of the speaker, and keep the image consistent with the branding of your event. Go the extra mile by making several copies of the graphic in a multitude of sizes to make sharing across platforms clean and seamless.

Finally, encourage your speaker to share the graphics on their social media platforms, blogs, stories, and so forth!

#15 Leverage Facebook Tools

Don’t just stop at creating a Facebook Event page! Update every corner of your Facebook presence to reflect the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming event. Showcase your advertisement through a cover photo, add a Call-to-Action button, and keep promotion consistent!

With Facebook’s tools such as its new Call-to-Action button, users can easily redirect audience members to purchase tickets, sign up, or follow your event!


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How to Promote Your Event Through Social Media (Vol 2)

Your event is months away and the anticipation is building each passing day! The planning is underway and you have begun to promote your event through the social media tips we shared in our last installment of the series. Looking for more? Keep scrolling for more of our social media tips to reach your audience and promote your event!

#6 Hashtags: Simplicity is Key

Hashtags are a fantastic way to generate and participate in engaging conversations with followers and attendees.

When deciding on the hashtag for your event, be sure that you are using one easy-to-understand hashtag from start to finish. It is important to create, utilize, and market your event-specific hashtag across all platforms from the get-go, so that your followers will begin to recognize it and will be more likely to pick up on it.

#7 Sharing is Caring

After you have chosen your specific hashtag, make sure that it is included on everything that you produce. From each digital image, every piece of collateral, even down to your email signature, wear your hashtag proud!

In the months leading up to your event, you may even want to add your hashtag to the “About” Section of your social media accounts. In this way, curious customers can see who all is behind this exciting affair and have a direct link to learning more. Potential attendees will enjoy seeing your perspective on the preparation process, and are often drawn in by the transparency and personality each employee adds to the event!

#8 Empower Your Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes adding impactful quotes to your photos will catch the attention in a whole new way! Try overlaying quotes on top of photos of your speakers to pique the interest of your guests and give them a taste of what they will hear at your event.

Be mindful in selecting a concise, powerful quote that will embody the personality of the speaker and leave your guests hungry for more!

#9 Create Collaborative Content Featuring Event Speakers

You have selected your event speakers due to their eloquence, expertise, and thought leadership in their field. Why not rally them together for a collaborative blog post that will highlight their talent and promote your event?

With a collaborative blog post, your speakers will appreciate having the opportunity to display their expertise through your company’s avenue.

Not only that, your readers will get a sneak peek of the wisdom they are signing up for when they purchase a ticket to your event.

Furthermore, the collaborative nature of such a post will get you lots of shares from numerous avenues.

#10 Give Your Audience a Behind-The-Scenes Look

You and your company are working hard at piecing together this event! Share each step of the journey by giving your followers a glimpse into the exciting process.

Share Instagram stories, SnapChats, or behind-the-scenes photos and videos that share the highs and lows of pulling off a big event.

The authenticity of the challenges you face along the way, the hectic days, and the small victories will help humanize your brand in a way that not only makes your more approachable, but gives guests the feeling that they are an “insider” to the event.

Tune in next week to see more tips for promoting your event on social media!

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How to Promote Your Events Through Social Media (Vol 1)

Do you have an event you’re trying to promote? Give social media a try!

Whether you’re hosting a conference, a cocktail hour, or a creative online event, social media is a powerful tool to gain exposure and influence audiences that you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Keep reading to find creative ways to widen your reach, engage your audience, and raise awareness for your event.

#1 Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to directly target custom audiences and display your ads to people who have already visited your website. With remarketing, or retargeting, advertisers can show event ads to Facebook users who have visited your website and left without purchasing a ticket.

This is a particularly influential strategy because consumers rarely buy the first time they hear of or see an offer. In this way, the event “follows” them so that they are reminded of the opportunity and are more likely to buy.

#2 Fuel The Fire With Prior Events

Creating a highlight reel from past events generates a unique energy that will draw your guests in and pique their curiosity. The bright lights, smiling faces, and heart-thumping background music is sure to capture the attention of your audience and will have them dying to attend your next event!

When creating a video, be sure to remember your intended audience so that you can develop an ambiance that appeals to them. Make the benefits of attending clear, and the excitement of the occasion contagious.

Be sure to host your video on both YouTube and Vimeo, as both offer unique advantages you will want to utilize. But don’t stop there! Once it is created, leverage your video everywhere you can. Embed the link into your blogs and newsletters, post it on social media outlets, and even feature it on your website or landing page on the months leading p to the big day!

#3 Let Your Clients Speak For You

Never underestimate the power of testimonials! Harness the power of positive feedback and let quotes tell your story! Maybe you have photographs of excited attendees dancing the night away, or an elated comment about how dazzling the evening was. Use your guests to tell the story!

#4 Empower Sharing

Ensure that your promotional material is easy to share across all platforms. Ensure that it is dowloadable at any size, so that affiliates, fans and attendees can share their excitement.

Furthermore, empower your social media followers by adding a button through which they can easily tweet or share about your event upon arriving at the “Thank You” page after registering.

#5 Use Photos of Attendees to Build Excitement

If this is a repeat event, use photos and videos from previous events to generate anticipation. Better yet, share user-generated photos found in your event hashtag to share on your social accounts. Always ensure that it is a flattering angle of your guests enjoying themselves, and don’t forget to add photo credit! This gives people the opportunity to comment and reminisce about what a great time they had and how they’re looking forward to next time!