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What is Event Planning?

An event planner is someone that organizes and over sees all the details of a special event or gathering. This includes all the details; such as: venue, food, music, lighting, materials and so one. That sounds like a lot; like everything….. Event planning is planning down to every little detail even ones that seem so minute that others wouldn’t consider them to be details. Event
planning in applying creation on a project management level for events; such as: conferences, ceremonies, concerts, and conventions.

Everything that event planning entails:
Event planners need to be personable, listen, provide honest feedback in a professional manner. Event planners need to be organized. Without organization, they won’t be very successful. With organization can come checklists, templates, forms and follow up.

A great event planner, always follows up. You must be able to receive feedback, good or bad. If
you don’t know the bad you can’t improve to be better. Of course, no one likes to hear negative
things, but a GREAT event planner will be open to hearing any feedback and growing from it.

Event Planners need to know what to ask:
There can be a lot of questions going on with any event being planned. You need answers to “who, what, where, when, why & how”. Then comes how all those answers will be followed up on. What type of vendors/services do you need. Who is the best in the business for this specialty or that specialty. Who have you worked with that went above and beyond to make the client happy?

Event planners must be able to create relationships with EVERYONE. Even though Aunt Betty isn’t the host or the one that hired you; you better attempt to make Aunt Betty happy. Aunt Betty could easily be the person to make or break a party. How can you win Aunt Betty over while still following the host’s wishes?

An event planner is not someone that can just throw a party; it is someone that can throw a party that flows, follows plans and goes off without a hitch!

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Technology Trends to Know

technology trends

The Power of the Regram

The trend used to be “retweeting” posts, but since Twitter has been going in and out for a few years, Instagram is taking advantage and upping their ‘gram game. Regramming is a somewhat new feature on Instagram that can be utilized more, especially for businesses and personal blogs. Regramming engages you with others, and also promotes yourself as well as the photo or video that you are regramming to your followers.


How to Save Your Favorite Instagram Posts

We cannot get enough of this new Instagram feature. By clicking the the bookmark button on the bottom right of a post lets you save it to the library on your profile. This is a great feature whether you want to save a workout you’d like to try or a trendy jumpsuit you’re planning on buying. These posts save to your private library and you can even categorize them into folders.


Pinning Saves Lives

Pinterest is a life-saver whether you’re looking for hair color options or want to learn more about a blogger’s interests. Pinterest is such a versatile website and a great resource that you should take advantage of when gathering big ideas or small details for a project or for your business.


LinkedIn Strategies

Trying to find interns for your business? Or figuring out your post-graduate plans? LinkedIn is a great professional tool that lets you share your resume with others, see job postings, and also learn about how to attain your dream job. Utilizing your connections is a major advantage when seeking internships, full-time employment, or any type of opportunity.

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How To Cut Costs Off Hosting A Bridal Shower

How to Cut the Costs of Hosting Bridal Showers

Cutting costs while planning a bridal shower isn’t easy, and of course we always want the bride to feel oh so special! Making small tweaks can give you major budget cuts without compromising the class and specialness of the bride’s special day.


Be Open to Switching Up the Venue

If a bridesmaid or close friend of the bride has a house that is suitable to host guests, it wouldn’t hurt to consider it as a venue for the bridal shower. Checking a venue off of your list usually comes with a hefty price tag, but can be a useful budget cut as well. Also, hosting a bridal shower at a home can give it a more intimate and heartfelt feel!


Invitations Galore

Bridal shower invites can be outrageously priced, just to be thrown away. Sending Evites come with a cheaper price, and can sometimes be free. You can send them via text or email, to make sure that you include all of your guests. They can be easily personalized to make sure that they suit your bride’s personality perfectly. Saving money on stamps is also a plus!


What’s On the Menu?

This is the perfect opportunity to test your culinary skills! You can cater main dishes or splurge on desserts, but making non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers can be manageable. If time allows, assign a bridesmaid to create the perfect menu for the bride-to-be.


Create Your Own Games

Now it’s time to get creative! Making fun games for the guests is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and mingle. The Knot has a great list of games that you can pick from. Assign a bridesmaid to lead this part of the bridal shower!