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How To Cut Costs Off Hosting A Bridal Shower

How to Cut the Costs of Hosting Bridal Showers

Cutting costs while planning a bridal shower isn’t easy, and of course we always want the bride to feel oh so special! Making small tweaks can give you major budget cuts without compromising the class and specialness of the bride’s special day.


Be Open to Switching Up the Venue

If a bridesmaid or close friend of the bride has a house that is suitable to host guests, it wouldn’t hurt to consider it as a venue for the bridal shower. Checking a venue off of your list usually comes with a hefty price tag, but can be a useful budget cut as well. Also, hosting a bridal shower at a home can give it a more intimate and heartfelt feel!


Invitations Galore

Bridal shower invites can be outrageously priced, just to be thrown away. Sending Evites come with a cheaper price, and can sometimes be free. You can send them via text or email, to make sure that you include all of your guests. They can be easily personalized to make sure that they suit your bride’s personality perfectly. Saving money on stamps is also a plus!


What’s On the Menu?

This is the perfect opportunity to test your culinary skills! You can cater main dishes or splurge on desserts, but making non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers can be manageable. If time allows, assign a bridesmaid to create the perfect menu for the bride-to-be.


Create Your Own Games

Now it’s time to get creative! Making fun games for the guests is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and mingle. The Knot has a great list of games that you can pick from. Assign a bridesmaid to lead this part of the bridal shower!

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