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Event Signage Ideas

While signage provides a great opportunity to complement the other decor aesthetically and add to the impact of the styling, there are so many details during an event that they are now considered a necessity for a sense of organization and ease. Signages now serve a function by pointing guests in the right direction or by offering information and instructions. When guests know where they are supposed to go and all of their questions are answered with a sign, it can really take an event from good to great. Here are a few signage ideas we thought would help.


Welcome / Order of Events

A sign that announces the order of events near the entrance is a great way to let guests know what to expect. Also, it helps them know they are at the correct event if the venue such as hotels holds multiple events on the same day.


Seating Chart

This is a practical one but you can still have a lot of fun with it! Guest need to know where they can sit. Are you having separate bride and groom side for the ceremony? Is it open seating or am I signed to a table during dinner service? Get creative. We have been seeing more statement pieces such as floor to wall green boxwood hedges with individual tags as escort displays or even oversized mirrors with handwritten calligraphy.



Consider personalized ways to indicate directional necessities like the ceremony, reception, parking, restrooms, bar and even photo booth. Add arrows to point your guest to the right location so they don’t miss any part of your event!



A menu is helpful to the guests if you’re having a buffet or signature drink. It can also help guests who have certain allergies to make sure they do not get sick at your wedding! Also, it’s nice to know in advance what is being served so guest can know all their options.


Whatever your signage needs are, make sure they are personal too. Many people take their signs with them after their event to display them in their homes as a reminder of their wonderful night!

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