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Holiday Party Ideas

Looking for Holiday Party Ideas?

The winter holidays are a great time to celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones. A few key holiday party ideas can make the difference between an ordinary holiday party and a spectacular, memorable event. To get your creativity flowing, the holiday experts at Hollywood Pop Gallery have gathered their best ideas from both intimate family gatherings and large-scale corporate holiday events.

Create a Warm Environment with Great Décor

First impressions really set the tone. The invitations and the entrance are the first steps into the party before guests even cross the doorway. The party experts at Hollywood POP Gallery always create an attention-grabbing first impression.

holiday partyideas

Invitations by Alpine Creative Group

holiday party ideas- entrance

holiday lights - decor

The way guests are greeted and connected with others can make or break their holiday party spirit. We suggest having a one or more entertainers or personalities  dedicated to welcoming guests. This is an important element in the events we design and create.

holiday party ideas

Set a beautiful holiday linen and tableware, then bring it to life with seasonal flowers, light, and decorative props such as bobbles, framed photos, or small favors.

Holiday Party IdeasHoliday Party IdeasDSC_1810-69-64
Great Entertainment Engages Your Guests

Provide entertainment designed to captivate your guests. Will there be children present? Adults only?  Would you like interactive entertainment that engages your guests? Consider karaoke or a photo booth. What about a walking-talking table for your beverages, holiday treats, or gifts?

Holiday Party Ideas-Costume Characters- Adult- HolidayHoliday Party Ideas Holiday Walking Talking Table

 If your holiday isn’t complete without the WOW…we routinely book celebrity name talent for both private & corporate events.

holiday party ideas

Tony Bennett performs at a private event in Memphis, TN

Great Food and Drink IS Your Holiday Party

When it comes down to a successful party,  the one item that can create the most stress and the greatest impression is the food. Our expert caterers understand the importance of the quality, the presentation, and the timing, from hors d’oeuvres to the dessert and everything inbetween.


holiday party ideas- dessert

Don’t Sweat the Details

From crafting an invitation or memorable party favors, there are many details that can be easily overlooked. Our holiday party planners are skilled at gracefully navigating such issues and keeping the event on track for all sizes of  celebrations.

The results of a professionally designed and created holiday party will both impress your guests, and allow you to enjoy the event!

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Holiday Party Ideas

Holiday Party Ideas

Holiday Party IdeasHoliday Party Ideas

Holiday Party Ideas

Holiday Party Ideas

Enjoy a spectacular event designed and created by the holiday party experts at Hollywood POP Gallery.

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