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A Few Words From A True Believer
(Jenny Kawa, your Hollywood POParazzi)

At a recent event organized by Hollywood Pop Gallery, I was commissioned to take pictures. As I stood among the children sitting in the grass before a stage, I too was mesmerized and doubled over with laughter and awe as the magician captivated his audience, young and old-ish alike. For a while I forgot about my camera as I could only wonder how it was that he did that. How did he get a shoe lace to dance like a pet? How did he bring inanimate objects to life? How did he turn children into magicians without them even knowing it? And most important of all, would he pick me next?!

I will never grow out of the love for being amazed; the fascination for magic and the realm of “All Things That Are Possible”. Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with the Harry Potter series (the new Pottermore site is pretty cool), and though I will never receive my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, I too can be mesmerized by the magical world every week at New York’s longest running off-Broadway magic show, Monday Night Magic.

One of my very first dates with my husband twelve years ago was Monday Night Magic and the amazing Todd Robbins performed bits from his legendary sideshow act. At that time the show was staged at the Sullivan Street Playhouse on The Fantasticks stage.

A lot has changed since those days. The young boy and girl from The Fantasticks have moved to the Snapple Theater on 50th Street. The young boy and girl on their first date have since grown up, gotten married and had a cat called Zeeke (who is captivated by the magic of a laser pointer) .



And the magicians from Monday nights have moved to an inspired location on MacDougal Street.

Although time has passed, the show has maintained its magical qualities, and with HPG as the creative directors, it has that extra POP!

You can catch them in the act every Monday night at 8pm.

Believe and you will always be amazed.

Use HPG-VIP or HPG-PREM for discounted tickets when you purchase online or over the phone (800) 838-3006.

To book a magician for your next event contact Hollywood Pop Gallery at 1 -800-551-4POP today!

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