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How to Increase Social Engagement at Events

increase social engagement at events

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday party, or an important corporate event, you want everyone there to have a great time. You want people to enjoy themselves. You want them to connect with other people. And you want them to create wonderful memories to pack for their return journey back home.

Of course, social engagement is a huge element to consider when planning an event focused on guests and their wellbeing. How do you increase social engagement at events, though? What are the things that bring people together and help them break the ice, even if they’ve never met each other before?

We have some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

  • Start with a thoughtful seating plan. Yes, it might take you a bit more time to actually plan where each of your guests will be seated. However, it will be totally worth it. Take your time to know the attendees and to know where to seat them, next to people they get along with (or at least next to people who are like-minded).
  • Take your time to meet and greet all the guests. You don’t have to organize an actual receiving line, but stopping by to say “Hi” and exchange a few pleasantries will make all the difference in the world.
  • Offer good food, excellent music, and enjoyable drinks (alcoholic or not). There’s nothing like a good meal to bring people together and help them bond – and there’s nothing quite like music to make people forget about their worries and simply let go of negativity. Be sure these services are top-notch at your event!
  • Organize contests. For example, you could organize a wedding game where each of the guest seated at a table has to write down a sentence until the entire table creates a very short story. Of course, this is just an example – from a scavenger hunt to Mad Libs and prize-focused sweepstakes, there’s a myriad of small games you can organize at your event.
  • Create a special hashtag and encourage people to use them. Remind them of the special hashtag with signs placed at their table or at the bar. Encourage guests to use the hashtag and use it to connect to each other.


Be a happy, hospitable host. Be the kind of person whose parties people actually want to attend – and not because they’re the most expensive ones, but because they are the best ones too.


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