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Nobody Does Graduation Parties Like HPG – except, maybe these Dartmouth Grads!

The start of the summer is one of our favorite times of year. While we certainly love the rising temperatures, weekends at the beach, and grilling with our friends, there’s truly nothing quite like the excitement that surrounds a graduation party for an event planner. Graduation parties are unique in that everyone who attends usually feels especially festive. The family of the graduate-of-honor is overflowing with pride and many of the guests are also recent graduates themselves, making for a truly cheerful celebration during what is already a special time of year.

We had a wonderful time planning this party for a Dartmouth Grad and are so happy to share some images!

The lucky grads enjoyed a gorgeous day – perfect for a dip in the pool and a drink at the bar!

HPG designed this custom bar featuring a stunning lights and geometric cubby shelving – the perfect mix of whimsy and sophistication for a graduation celebration.

The dance floor that just begged to be danced upon!

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