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How to Promote Your Event Through Social Media (Vol 2)

Your event is months away and the anticipation is building each passing day! The planning is underway and you have begun to promote your event through the social media tips we shared in our last installment of the series. Looking for more? Keep scrolling for more of our social media tips to reach your audience and promote your event!

#6 Hashtags: Simplicity is Key

Hashtags are a fantastic way to generate and participate in engaging conversations with followers and attendees.

When deciding on the hashtag for your event, be sure that you are using one easy-to-understand hashtag from start to finish. It is important to create, utilize, and market your event-specific hashtag across all platforms from the get-go, so that your followers will begin to recognize it and will be more likely to pick up on it.

#7 Sharing is Caring

After you have chosen your specific hashtag, make sure that it is included on everything that you produce. From each digital image, every piece of collateral, even down to your email signature, wear your hashtag proud!

In the months leading up to your event, you may even want to add your hashtag to the “About” Section of your social media accounts. In this way, curious customers can see who all is behind this exciting affair and have a direct link to learning more. Potential attendees will enjoy seeing your perspective on the preparation process, and are often drawn in by the transparency and personality each employee adds to the event!

#8 Empower Your Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes adding impactful quotes to your photos will catch the attention in a whole new way! Try overlaying quotes on top of photos of your speakers to pique the interest of your guests and give them a taste of what they will hear at your event.

Be mindful in selecting a concise, powerful quote that will embody the personality of the speaker and leave your guests hungry for more!

#9 Create Collaborative Content Featuring Event Speakers

You have selected your event speakers due to their eloquence, expertise, and thought leadership in their field. Why not rally them together for a collaborative blog post that will highlight their talent and promote your event?

With a collaborative blog post, your speakers will appreciate having the opportunity to display their expertise through your company’s avenue.

Not only that, your readers will get a sneak peek of the wisdom they are signing up for when they purchase a ticket to your event.

Furthermore, the collaborative nature of such a post will get you lots of shares from numerous avenues.

#10 Give Your Audience a Behind-The-Scenes Look

You and your company are working hard at piecing together this event! Share each step of the journey by giving your followers a glimpse into the exciting process.

Share Instagram stories, SnapChats, or behind-the-scenes photos and videos that share the highs and lows of pulling off a big event.

The authenticity of the challenges you face along the way, the hectic days, and the small victories will help humanize your brand in a way that not only makes your more approachable, but gives guests the feeling that they are an “insider” to the event.

Tune in next week to see more tips for promoting your event on social media!

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