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Technology Trends to Know

technology trends

The Power of the Regram

The trend used to be “retweeting” posts, but since Twitter has been going in and out for a few years, Instagram is taking advantage and upping their ‘gram game. Regramming is a somewhat new feature on Instagram that can be utilized more, especially for businesses and personal blogs. Regramming engages you with others, and also promotes yourself as well as the photo or video that you are regramming to your followers.


How to Save Your Favorite Instagram Posts

We cannot get enough of this new Instagram feature. By clicking the the bookmark button on the bottom right of a post lets you save it to the library on your profile. This is a great feature whether you want to save a workout you’d like to try or a trendy jumpsuit you’re planning on buying. These posts save to your private library and you can even categorize them into folders.


Pinning Saves Lives

Pinterest is a life-saver whether you’re looking for hair color options or want to learn more about a blogger’s interests. Pinterest is such a versatile website and a great resource that you should take advantage of when gathering big ideas or small details for a project or for your business.


LinkedIn Strategies

Trying to find interns for your business? Or figuring out your post-graduate plans? LinkedIn is a great professional tool that lets you share your resume with others, see job postings, and also learn about how to attain your dream job. Utilizing your connections is a major advantage when seeking internships, full-time employment, or any type of opportunity.

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