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Theming Your Mitzvah


For Jewish families, there are few memories as exciting and special as a son or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah. With your child focused on studying for the service itself, they could probably use some help thinking of a theme. In addition, having a theme as soon as possible will make it easier to choose a Bar Mitzvah event space that works best with the theme.
The following are three of the most popular theme types to choose from. While they are somewhat general, you can personalize them by choosing your child’s favorite in each respective category.

Sports theme

If your child has shown an early interest in sports, then a sport-related theme might be a perfect fit for them. A sports theme can either be a general theme about a sport like football, basketball, baseball, etc., or the theme can be based around a favorite team or even favorite player. If you plan it early enough, you could even get a short video message from your child’s favorite athlete that can be played during the reception!

Superhero theme

Superhero movies have become incredibly popular over the past decade, and chances are there’s at least one superhero that your child loves more than any others. If done the right way, a superhero theme will help ensure that the Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the hero of the evening.

Traveling or foreign destination theme

Has the Bar or Bat Mitzvah been lucky enough to go on a trip abroad as part of a school or family trip? If so, it’s worth asking them whether they’d want their Mitzvah to include memories of that trip. Foreign destination themes are popular because they can be flexible and personalized — there are so many different aspects of a foreign country to choose from that two themes based on the same country could be completely different.

Hollywood or Broadway theme

Does your Bar or Bat Mitzvah dream of being a star? With a Hollywood or Broadway-themed party, they can experience exactly that — at least for one night. Hollywood themes can either be generalized for the glitz and glamor of Hollywood itself, or can be focused on a specific actor, movie, or franchise. Broadway-themed parties can focus on whatever aspect of Broadway your child enjoys most — from the production to the actors and lifestyle, or even the technical sound and lighting elements.
The key to having a great Bar or Bat Mitzvah party is making sure that the theme represents your child in some way. If you include your child in the process, you will give them one more way to feel like that are truly becoming a responsible young adult.

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