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Video Trends in Events


AV production is an essential element in your big event. Regardless of whether you are
planning a big corporate event, a Bar Mitzvah, or an anniversary, you will want your
Audio Visual to be flawless – because how other would you create amazing memories for
yourself and for your guests?

What are the best (and latest!) ideas in AV Production? What are the most impressive
technologies and trends to incorporate into your event? We’ve gathered some tips for
you – so read on if you want to learn more about this.

 Is there a stage? Make sure you get rid of the black curtains and uplights – they
are much too 1991 and they do you no favor. Capture your guests’ attention with
a really beautiful digital backdrop. Many event planners are now using three big
screens (two on the sides, where they project the information they want to relay
and one in the middle with interesting and eye-catching graphics or images).
Think creatively – today’s technology is pretty generous, and it can really upgrade
your entire event if you use it the right way.

 Go live. This is an excellent idea for corporate and personal events alike. For
corporate situations, you could go live and share the link (directly with the people
interested or simply on Facebook), allowing guests who couldn’t make it be
part of the event. For personal parties, sharing a live video with someone who
couldn’t be there could actually make for a very emotional, unforgettable

 Go 360. Want to add an extra spin to your live videos? Film them in 360 degrees
– these videos look absolutely amazing and they really push the boundaries of
space and distance, making the viewers feel closer to you or your brand. 360
cameras start at somewhere around $500, so they have become quite affordable
too – and they’re the kind of investment you are bound to re-use sooner, rather
than later. Plus, if you’re using this for a corporate event it will definitely make the
entire evening feel high-tech and cutting edge – two qualities most businesses
aspire to these days.

Remember, creativity is key when planning your AV (or any other part of a big event,
really). Embrace technology, use it creatively, and you will create the kind of event
people will actually be surprised too – thus, the kind of event they will remember for many
years from now on!

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