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Tips On Event Planning: What To Do In A Crisis

what to do in a crisis

Event planning may seem easy for someone who has never dealt with the stress of bringing together a thousand and one details and making sure all guests have a great time.

Unfortunately, no matter how seasoned you are in the art of planning unforgettable events, a crisis may still appear. What do you do, then? What do professional planners do when faced with a surprising situation? How do they handle the issue?

We have gathered some of the best tips on event planning management and what to do in a crisis – so read on if you want to learn more.

  • They don’t ignore it – and even more so, they don’t try to put the blame on whoever they can. They take the issue by its “horns” and deal with it. Sure, waking up on your client’s wedding day without a photographer or finding out your band’s lead singer has the flu are never pleasant. But professionals know how to create a Plan B for every type of unforeseen situation that may appear along the road.
  • They don’t allow emotions to take over. When you put so much effort and passion in planning a perfect event, it can be downright nerve-wrecking to see it go down the drain because of a small, apparently insignificant problem. Professional planners know how to switch to their rational side and leave emotions behind.
  • They do everything in their power to ensure it never happens again. Once the issue has been resolved, professional wedding planners know they need to address an even bigger question: why did a particular problem appear? Is there something that could have prevented it? This is precisely why planners with lots of experience will most likely know how to deal with any crisis that comes along – they’ve been there before, and they already have a solution to fix the disaster.
  • They don’t overanalyze it. Getting stuck in that one issue that happened two months ago, when you were still looking for the venue – now, that’s something professional planners will never do. They will know how to learn a lesson from the mistakes of the past, but they will also know when it’s time to move on and focus on the positive sides of their job.

Accidents happen. Disease occurs. Apparently trustworthy vendors can disappear into thin air. Dresses may be torn apart and cakes may melt. One thing is more important than anything, though: you shouldn’t stress yourself so much. Enjoy your big event – it’s a moment of celebration and happiness and you and your guests deserve to feel great!

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